Non-Blocking/Conversational Support

Provide support for SCA conversational services and callbacks in core and the SCA Java programming model. This functionality is intended for end-user application developers.

Java-to-Java Scenarios

These scenarios involve Java-based component implementations

* Local one way a one-way non-blocking invocation

* Local stateless callback a local stateless non-blocking invocation and calback

* Remote stateless callback a remote stateless non-blocking invocation and calback

* Local conversational callback a local conversational invocation and calback

* Remote conversational callback a remote conversational non-blocking invocation and calback

* ServiceReference.setCallback() demonstrate a client setting the callback instance

* The following slides illustrate architectural scenarios for local and remote callbacks:

If you are interested in helping out or would like to know the status of these scenarios, feel free to post to the mailing lists.

Mixed Implementation Scenarios

These scenarios involve multiple component implementations types, e.g. a Java client and BPEL target.

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