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Local Stateless Callback


The ability to invoke a service in a non-blocking fashion and receive a stateless callback.

Use cases

1. Simple invocation

Implement infrastructure to support a simple invocation on a service which then performs a stateless callback. This use-case does not include use of SCA APIs such as ServiceReference. The following application artifacts illustrate this:

public interface MyService {

    public void someMethod(String arg); 

public interface MyServiceCallback {

    public void receiveResult(String result); 

public class SomeClientImpl implements AnotherService, MyServiceCallback {

   private MyService myService;


   public void setMyService(MyService service){
                myService = service;

   public void aClientMethod() {
   public void receiveResult(String result) {
       // do something

public class MyServiceImpl implements MyService {

    protected MyServiceCallback callback; 

    public void someMethod(String arg) {


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