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SDO for PHP - Current Project Tasks

Here is a tentative list of tasks for the next release.

This is NOT a project plan. This is just a tentative list of tasks for discussion


  • [IN]: We've reached a consensus that we want to do this work for our next release.

  • [OUT]: We're not going to work on this for our next release.

Please don't hesitate to volunteer and add your name to the tasks you want to work on...

Outstanding PECL Bugs

SDO Function

  • Enable copying and equality between multiple DAS
  • Support <attributeGroup>, <group> etc.


  • Interoperability testing
    • XML mappings as defined in SDO spec
      • With C++ SDO implementation
      • With java SDO implementation


  • Free BSD build and test
  • Mac OS build and test
  • Static build


  • Update existing online documentation to match new release

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