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What's new for Java SCA M2

* SCA specification compliance: Assembly(V0.96), Java Client and Implementation(V0.95):

  • Recursive composite model (implementation.composite and include)
  • Support for component properties (simple types only)
  • Asynchronous oneway and request with callback
  • Java interface and WSDL 1.1 portType

* Improved core for flexibility and extensibility

  • Refactored to provide the default implementation of the SPI contracts
  • Packaging/deployment
  • Scope management
  • IoC
  • Autowire
  • Improved classloader isolation
  • Maven-based artifact repository
  • A Data Binding Framework

* Improved Extension model and SPI

* Tuscany Standalone runtime launcher

* Tomcat integration to host Tuscany web applications

* Tuscany War Plugin to build web applications

* New and improved bindings:

  • Axis, upgraded to version 1.1
  • Celtix
  • RMI
    • Service Binding that helps in hosting component services as RMI servers without having to modify the service interfaces (for example to include java.rmi.Remote signatures) Reference Binding that helps SCA clients to seamlessly access RMI servers.
  • Jsonrpc

* Component implementation:

  • Javascript
    • Script container that enables running of components implemented in JavaScript. Supports component services, properties and references.

  • Spring
  • Ruby
    • Script container that enables running of components implemented in Ruby. Supports component services, properties and references.

* DataBindings:

  • SDO
  • More samples
    • Sample that demonstrates RMI Service and RMI Reference from a standalone Tuscany runtime
    • A combo sample - Calculator-Combo that demonstrates the assembly of different technologies using component implementations in Java, JavaScript, Ruby and binding of service references to WebService and RMI Service endpoints. Also included is a simple demontration of property configuration and composite component implementation

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