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RFC: Release Plan XML-RPC 2.0

It seems to me to be common sense, that the current tree is almost ready for 2.0. This RFC should help to give a reply to "What's missing?", "Who does it?" and to the details.

What's missing?

I'll list below, what I'd personally see. I suggest that an item should only be allowed to enter the list, if there's a volunteer stepping forward:




Website Upgrade

spoeschl? (As far as I know, you already did most of the work?)


Upgrade to commons-httpclient 3.0


Checked and patch created, but not yet committed, as 3.0 is still unstable.

Add prerequisite jar files to CVS and distribution (Suggestion)



Support for gzip compression



Remaining questions: What else?

Open Bugs

I am ignoring bugs, which have been entered before 2004-Jan-1 and bugs with priority normal or less. That leaves


An asynchronous callback object that manages timeouts


Unreleased version XMLRPC_1_2_B2


Incorrect bugreporting address


Missing directories in currently released tarball

All of which either don't apply to 2.0 (XMLRPC-57) or aren't sufficiently serious, IMO.

Questions: Any other bugs we should consider?

Release plan

  • Release 2.0 beta is created after the above task list is completed.
  • Release 2.0 is created four weeks later, if there are no serious bug reports. A bug report (Jira!) is considered serious, if any committer declares it serious. (How? Set a keyword in Jira?)
  • If there are serios errors, a version 2.0 RC 1 is created two weeks, after all serious bug reports are closed. Version 2.0 is created two weeks later, if there are no serious bugs. Otherwise, 2.0 RC2, ... is required and the schedule is delayed in the same manner.
  • A maintenance branch r2_0 is created with the release of version 2.0. The branch is dedicated for bug fixing and releases 2.0.1,..., if any.

Questions: Is the above too simple? Do we need separate votes for rc's or the final version? Anyone volunteering to do the releases? If no one else does, I'll do. (Need to create a JaxMe release anyways, so it seems half the work.)

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