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struct pkcs12_keystore{

  • char *keystore_file;

    char *keystore_password; /* Password used to protect the keystore

    PKCS12 *keystore; /*PKCS12 structure which hold all the information */

    oxs_x509_cert_t *cert;

    axutil_array_list_t *other_certs;

    openssl_pkey_t *pvt_key;


AXIS2_EXTERN pkcs12_keystore_t * AXIS2_CALL pkcs12_keystore_create(

  • const axutil_env_t *env, axis2_char_t *filename, axis2_char_t *password);

AXIS2_EXTERN axis2_status_t AXIS2_CALL pkcs12_keystore_free(

  • pkcs12_keystore_t *keystore, const axutil_env_t *env);

AXIS2_EXTERN openssl_pkey_t * AXIS2_CALL pkcs12_keystore_get_owner_private_key(

  • pkcs12_keystore_t *keystore, const axutil_env_t *env);

AXIS2_EXTERN oxs_x509_cert_t * AXIS2_CALL pkcs12_keystore_get_owner_certificate(

  • pkcs12_keystore_t *keystore, const axutil_env_t *env);

AXIS2_EXTERN oxs_x509_cert_t * AXIS2_CALL pkcs12_keystore_get_certificate_for_issuer_serial(

  • pkcs12_keystore_t *keystore, const axutil_env_t *env, axis2_char_t *issuer, int serial_number);

AXIS2_EXTERN oxs_x509_cert_t * AXIS2_CALL pkcs12_keystore_get_certificate_for_thumbprint(

  • pkcs12_keystore_t *keystore, const axutil_env_t *env, axis2_char_t *thumbprint);

AXIS2_EXTERN oxs_x509_cert_t * AXIS2_CALL pkcs12_keystore_get_certificate_for_subject_key_id(

  • pkcs12_keystore_t *keystore, const axutil_env_t *env, axis2_char_t *ski);

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