Apache Scout is the first attempt in the open source world to create a JAXR implementation. JAXR is the Java API for XML Registries. Apache Scout has support for UDDI registries only and is heavily biased and tested with Apache jUDDI.

History of Apache Scout

In 2003, Anil Saldhana was looking for open source implementation of the JAXR specification. He could not find one. The only available implementation was part of the Sun Java Web Services Developer Pack and its license then was very restrictive towards developers. The bottom line was that it was not integratable in 3rd party software. Ahh!!!

In 2004, Davanum Srinivas, Apache WS chair approached the jUDDI team for possible help towards implementing the Jaxr spec for use with the Apache jUDDI registry. Anil stepped up to take the task and coded the first cut that was heavily based on UDDIJ accessing jUDDI registry. Jeremy Boynes and Dims then provided some development support to replace the UDDI4J layer with jUDDI proxy.

In the beginning of 2005, Anil filled the missing pieces in the code to achieve JAXR compliance as part of the J2EE 1.4 Compatibility Testsuite. Geir from the Apache Geronimo team helped out with the coding and also tested Apache Scout with the J2EE 1.4 CTS.

Community Support
Apache Scout, being the only open source implementation available for integration is being integrated into open source application servers - JBoss and Apache Geronimo. JBoss has integrated both Apache jUDDI and Apache Scout since v4.0.2

The Apache Scout team will be releasing v0.5 for use by the general public soon. Thanks to Geir for handling the release process. Thanks again to Geir for telling the Scout team that we are missing a piece of functionality (asynchronous support) that will not make us claim JAXR 1.0 spec compliance. Okay, we will implement it soon and release v1.0


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