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This is a soap messege parser for axis-c++ implementation.

Contributors to the Project

  • Dasarath Weerathunga
  • Dinesh Premalal



Basic Parser

Basic Parser with Encoding Support

Important Notes


An article about Encoding ...

Utf-8 and Utf-16 Support for tspp

  • Now tspp can parse both Utf-8 and Utf-16 Encoded documents well. It determines the encoding support using BOM ( Byte Order Mark).
    • Utf-8 - 0xef 0xbb 0xbf Utf-16 - 0xff 0xfe (Little Endian)
      • 0xfe 0xff (Big Endian)
  • For time being it supports only Utf-16 character which is smaller than 65535 ( 2 Bytes Characters). It gives Utf-8 encoded strings as Out put , Just in case user wants to get Utf-16 Out put then user should give a macro variable at t the compile time


  • User have to give this compile time variable in order to obtain Utf-16 Output. Because parser's Default encoding is set to Utf-8. After giving this compile time variable , then parser re-defines its , output method (char *toString(UTF16_char unicodeState)) to give Utf-16 output. It uses short buffer to store characters.



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