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== ApacheCon NA 2013 (February 24 - March 2)) ==

The Xalan PMC will be represented by Steven J. Hathaway at ApacheCon NA.
More details of the Apache Conference is available at [[http://na.apachecon.com]].

The conference is open to anyone interested in Open Source software.
Follow the conference link for details.

http://xalan.apache.org/resources/Xalan-Logo-tm.png This is the official Wiki of the Apache Xalan Project.

Welcome to the Apache Xalan Wiki

Xalan is an XSLT processor for transforming XML documents into HTML, text, or other XML document types. It implements XSL Transformations (XSLT) Version 1.0 and XML Path Language (XPath) Version 1.0 and can be used from the command line or as a module in another program.

Xalan C/C++ implements the library in a common subset of standard C/C++.

Xalan Java can also be used in an applet or a servlet.

Xalan Wiki Pages

Report Information Wiki

Xalan Java Release Notes

Xalan C/C++ Release Notes

Xalan Web Page Maintenance

Xalan Website Pages

Mail Lists

* Xalan Commits archives

The Xalan XSLT stylesheet processor uses the Apache Xerces XML Parser.

Tools and Utilities

Macro to create a new page

The XalanWikiPage_Template can be used to start a new page containing the project logo and website link. You open the template and copy it to your new page. Then edit the new page, preserving the template content.

This Wiki is Under Construction

Interesting starting points:

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