This is the official Wiki of the Apache Xalan Project.

Xalan Java Release Notes

Work is underway to prepare a patch release to Version 2.7.1 to be known as 2.7.D2 until an official release is made. The current subversion (xalan/java/trunk) is the authoritative reference for Version 2.7.D2 development.

The current Xalan Java website is now known as Version 2.7.D2. The (old) website remains as Version 2.7.1. The (old) Xalan Java distributions remain available on the Apache distribution archives. The (old) website pages have links to the archive for downloads.

The parent Apache XML Project is being retired. The (mirror) distributions for Apache XML are being removed. The Apache archive distributions will continue to be available.

There are some version reference issues in the Java sources that need to become consistent.

Snapshot 2.7.1

The Xalan Java 2.7.1 has been copied to the subversion branch for patch management. This makes the (xalan/java/trunk) available for Xalan Java 2.7.D2 development.

Xalan Java Website

The Apache Stylebook XML sources for the Version 2.7.D2 website will be copied to the subversion trunk in the near future.

Check with <shathaway> for website maintenance. Post comments on the j-users mail list.

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