March 2008 Report


Aside from some prototyping on an implementation of XML Schema 1.1 the project has been fairly quiet. Design thoughts have been posted on the Wiki. A few JIRA issues were recently raised by a member regarding the website/documentation (e.g. links to MD5 files) and packages we've published. We plan to address these before having our next release.



It was noticed that some files still have the 1.1 Apache license. When Xerces-C 3.0 is released a new version of P will be with the 2.0 license. We are checking and fixing the code in SVN.

XML Commons

Though there was no new development there was one bug report ( opened that is worth noting. The W3C receives a large number of requests every day for the same DTDs, XML Schemas and other XML resources. They've observed that this happens in large part because applications are not using XML Catalogs or grammar caching facilities such as the ones provided by Xerces. They're appealing to us for help. We plan to review their thoughts/proposals.


We recently participated in the Google Highly Open Participation (GHOP) contest and engaged with a couple of students on some small tasks including a new logo for the project (designed by Ashley Morgan).


We are not aware of any cryptographic code in the Apache Xerces distributions.