Installation with the built-in Jetty

The Xindice (1.1) source distribution comes with Jetty built in so, after unpacking and building Xindice, you can immediately start the server with its default settings.

There is a bit of confusion regarding to the double use of the name xindice.bat/sh. Assuming that %XINDICE_HOME% is the directory which also contains the build.bat/sh, you can do the following:

Normally it is more convenient to have the command line tool (bin) directory in your PATH (environment variable) on MS Windows so that the xindice command can be run from anywhere without having to include the bin directory in the command.

There are three basic xindice.bat/sh jetty actions

 start           Start Xindice in new window
 run             Run Xindice in this window
 debug           Start Xindice turning remote debugging on

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