Environment Variables

All bat|sh files were modified for the upcoming 1.1b4 release. All these parameters are optional. See the current Xindice CVS version for details on these new scripts. They use the following env variables:

XINDICE_HOME is the directory where Xindice was installed. If the script is used from its normal location then this does not need to be set.

Setting XINDICE_DB_HOME is one way of specifying to Xindice the directory where the database is located. It can also be set in the configuration file. If this is not defined, then a 'db' sub-directory of the installation directory will be used.

Xindice has a number of configuration parameters. XINDICE_CONFIG points to an XML formatted file which contains these.

LOGGER can be set to the class name of a logger. org.apache.commons.logging.impl.SimpleLog is used by default.

LOGLEVEL sets the amount of information logged through the logger. It may not be applicable to other loggers.

JAVACMD defaults to JAVA_HOME\bin\java and can be used to specify a different executable, but can not be used to defined extra parameters.

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