This xindice php administrative interface was developed using Jill Rhoads existing Xindice.php xindice class as the main interface.

This prototype is intended for instructing PHP developers on how to easily place a facade onto Xindice interface. It is by no means complete and the author does not claim any fitness for purpose as well as providing any support, though an email to me usually gets a response.


First obtain the latest XINDICE distribution from

Once again its important that your Xindice installation is properly working.

You can download Xindice PHP Admin from

Unzip and place entire distribution under a php enabled web directory or amend your installation of Apache's httpd.conf file.

To configure edit the /include/common.php file with values that reflect your specific environment

DEPENDENCY NOTE: The viewdocument.php uses XSLT to display the xml document, so you must have xslt processing enabled with your PHP installation. You can adjust the look and feel of xml documents by editing the /resource/xslt/view.xsl file.


v.0 Alpha

- integrated Jill Rhoads Xindice.php class - simple php architecture - added NEWS, INSTALL, README

Download failed

28th October 2006 Clicked on the zip link, and it took me to some other webpage. Looks like it's hosed.

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