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Grandmother, everyone, and every grandmother has one thing in common, we would be very on love, and I am sorry ,,,,,,

Maternal grandmother, has always been for me, it seems that the only term, has never called before, never seen, dreams are never even dream of before, but always thinking, thinking of Grandma in the end look like? If you still would not have hurt the same as I love me? Always quietly bang gently against the sky soon as it cried another, "Grandma, grandma, grandmother ,,,,,," But how call not agree! Often ask them about the grandmother's story, but when the uncle, grandmother take only 10 years old, 5-year-old mother, aunt 2 years old, the story about the grandmother in their memory is too small!

Childhood special love hiding in her mother's arms, listening to Mama told me be a pity if the story of a little grandmother, mother, are tears every time I heard grandmother walking, day crying, light rain, Now that I think may be an omen, is a kind of my best love it! Because she called light rain, ordinary name, but Renruqiming, like rain as moistening, tender, gentle, pure ,,,,,, she likes the mountains, like the quiet, not like bustling. We were supposed to find a suitable time, such as walking with Grandma as a light rain, drizzle with the back country to take home to grandmother's grave, to tell so many years of missing grandmother to grandmother to talk about our love story, I believe that Grandma will definitely smile after listening ear to ear in a good mood, we need to grandmother's graves full of candy, even invited my grandmother to eat candy bar!

By the way, how long have forgotten grandmother's grave did not go, and that there are so surrounded grandmother chrysanthemums smell? Is not the grandfather left, we have to move, and those no longer in bloom chrysanthemum is not out? Or have been there had been no less brilliant, right? That mound of evergreen tree, or it should flourish, right? That nest above there are so many birds singing every day to the grandmother do? I personally pick grave Napen tail of the end of the cactus fruit, right? Should be very red is red, right? Those who do not fly away, the bird did not peck at it? Fenpang the two cypress is not it still so powerful? Is not just defending the grandmother of two people? Must go and see this home!

Remember when, to my grandpa, I know that is of a grandmother's home, but never saw grandmother, grandmother cried just started listening to other people, but also asked her mother: "Mom, Mom, what is the grandmother ah?" Mother red- eyes told my grandmother is. Every time I go to see grandma grandmother did not, they filled the yard chasing grandfather asked: "Grandfather grandfather, my grandmother?" The grandfather, not always say, after all every time asked went into the toilet, I thought is the maternal grandfather Xiangshangcesuo, or do not like me, do not want to tell me, do not want to talk to me.

Until one occasion, I Xiangshangcesuo, and the grandfather quietly followed behind, having just entered I saw my grandfather continued to use the arm back and forth to wipe the face clean, I walked over pulled my grandfather skirts, see my grandfather's face has two lines of water, asked: "Grandfather, how do you now? me help you wipe your face in the water now!" grandfather bowed his head, looked at me, smiled reluctantly, crouch down to pick up I said: "Well grandson, grandfather all right!" and then hold me out of the toilet, did anyone not on the toilet out, scratched their ears are still scratching their heads wondering: how into the toilet and was grandfather not another out on the toilet ah?

Later I told my mother, my mother told me not to ask my grandfather after the problem was, said: "Grandma is not coming back." I also asked: "When my grandmother was back ah? Back that will give me with Sugar ah? "Mom slumped over the place looking at, said:" do not know, may have come back, but we can not see it! grandmother does not like candy to a child! "I said:" Mom, do not like my grandmother is not ah , how come she did not come out every time I play with ah. then I'll no sugar was. "my mother said:" Nonsense! How can your grandmother does not like his grandson ah? only grandmother ,,,,, , "Mom choke, and no longer speak, then, I still do not know my mother said" only "mean? Grew up slowly, and gradually the wiser, they would understand the meaning of mother remark! Only grandmother was gone, forever will never come back, only look at us quietly in the distance the family had!

Now momma always said I have some character and grandmother exactly the same, whenever heard my mother say that my heart would gratefully's! Previous ignorance, they love pestered my mother told me the story of grandmother and her mother each time the pain of intestinal tears, saying: "Children, when her mother was only five years old only, five ah, but also remember live to?-year-old, should it hurt a loved one was a child my mother ah ,,,,,,"

Hear my mother's frustration, see the mother's pain, understand her mother's thoughts, thoughts of their mother, that first "There is only a good mother," I think my mother must be better than I sing well, her mother a child is one's taught me to sing, I want to teach my mother's grandmother is like it!

"Rock, crossroads, and grandmother told me good baby ,,,,,," This is a very young age to know the nursery rhyme, who's calling religion, and unfortunately, not a grandmother to teach me often think Grandma bridge is like? But that has always been an unattainable the other side, I still can not shake to the grandmother's side ship. Because the grandmother did not go ,,,,,, good baby call me Grandma, Grandma told me always to imagine the tone of how well your baby look like? Imagination should be very love it, really good to hear his name? 呢 Alexandra grandmother did! But I know it can not, and have never been possible, and grandmother go too early, not even a portrait left, when nothing yet like a pen on paper back and forth in the drawing of the imagination grandmother look, but still do not know what it was like in the end Grandma? Drew a number of times, how many have looked, but never know which one was closest to in the end? [http://women-high-heels.com] Wholesale women high heels shoes