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A list of things to be done for a release.


  • propose new release on dev list
  • allow current features/fixes in development to be checked in
  • increase version number in: src/build.xml:22, README.txt:15 and src\xmlpublic\org\apache\xmlbeans\XmlBeans.java:38

  • update CHANGES.txt with latest features and important bug fixes


  • make distribution files under linux, run: ant dist.
    • NOTE: Make sure the current JDK is 1.4.x
    • There are 4 files, two binaries: xmlbeans-x.y.z.tgz and .zip and two sources xmlbeans-x.y.z-src.tgz and .zip
  • rename files to xmlbeans-x.y.z-RCi.tgz
  • publish them under http://xmlbeans.apache.org/dist/ by copying files under people.apache.org:/www/xmlbeans.apache.org/dist/

    • allow a couple of hours for files to be picked up by the web server
  • announce on dev and users lists the new RC
  • allow at least a few days up to a week for users to try it out
  • if there are issues discuss them on dev list and decide if they need to be fixed for the release
  • if fixes are made, spin a new RC


  • if there aren't any issues or they been decided to be fixed after the release proceed with the vote
  • one of the PMC needs to send out a vote for the new release to pmc@xmlbeans.apache.org; dev@xmlbeans.apache.org; user@xmlbeans.apache.org, see voting details.

  • allow min 72 hours
  • if issues that need to be fixed arise before end of vote, the vote is invalidated and a new RC is started
  • send back the result of the vote
  • if the majority (with at least three +1) agrees the files are declared a release package
  • if not, fix the issues and start a new RC


  • rename the RC files to xmlbeans-x.y.z.tgz .zip -src.tgz -src.zip
  • generate .md5 files: md5 -q $i > $i.md5

  • sign files: gpg --armour --output $i.asc --detach-sig $i
  • verify .asc files: gpg --verify $i.asc $i
  • publish release files under /x1/www/www.apache.org/dist/xmlbeans
    • make sure all files are owned by xmlbeans group: chown :xmlbeans $i
    • make sure all files have correct rights -rw-rw-r-- : chmod 664 $i
  • update mave repository with latest release in /x1/www/people.apache.org/repo/m1-ibiblio-rsync-repository/xmlbeans/
    • copy jars in ./jars/
      • NOTE: Jars should be called xmlbeans-x.y.z.jar, xmlbeans-xmlpublic-x.y.z.jar and so on.
    • make pom files for the new release
    • make sure all files are owned by xmlbeans group: chown :xmlbeans $i
    • make sure all files have correct rights -rw-rw-r-- : chmod 664 $i
  • make a branch in SVN
  • allow 24 hours for mirrors to pick up the new files
  • post announcement on the web-site and on the mailing lists
  • increase version number, and start work on next release

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