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To Do List for XMLBeans Top Level

Leaving Incubation tasks

  • remove the incubation disclaimer from the README files Cliff: done -- actually checked all files in xml-xmlbeans module

  • remove the incubation disclaimer from the READMEs in v.1.0.3, which we've already approved for release. Cezar: done

  • change the filename for 1.0.3 to remove the 'incubating' token. Cezar: done

  • post the 1.0.3 release on http://www.apache.org/dist/xml/xmlbeans/ site and link to it from our web site Cezar: done

  • remove all incubation disclaimers, references, and banners from the web site. Cliff: done

  • send out an announce mail about 1.0.3 and incubation graduation Cliff: in process

TLP Tasks

  • draft a charter for our new project (I've sent out a draft before; I'll try to resend on a new thread to get some discussion.) Cliff and Rem: todo

  • move our site to xmlbeans.apache.org. This would also be consistent with the java package namespace we are already using. Cliff: done

  • redirect xml.apache.org/xmlbeans to the new site Cliff: done

  • update the xml.apache.org site's references to our site Cliff: updated Forrest xdocs, haven't republished xml site yet

  • update to incubator site to show we've graduated Cliff: done

  • move our mailing lists and archives as shown below: Cliff: sent request to infrastructure and apmail -- waiting on response

    • - xmlbeans-dev at xml.apache.org-> dev at xmlbeans.apache.org - xmlbeans-user at xml.apache.org-> user at xmlbeans.apache.org - xmlbeans-ppmc at incubator.apache.org-> pmc at xmlbeans.apache.org

  • work with others in the XML community on what this XML federation should be all about (e.g. how can we help link to other XML sites, etc.) Cliff: ongoing

  • consider changing our CVS root from xml-xmlbeans to xmlbeans. Rem: todo, rem: This may be coupled with moving to subversion (if that is what we choose). rem: 7/12/04 I don't think we should couple subversion with top level xmlbeans. We need to understand better the impact of moving from cvs to subversion and we shouldn't wait. It would be good to get a subversion account so we can start researching what it will take to move over though.

  • consider finally getting a project logo Rem: todo

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