XMLBeans Version 2 Plans

Overall XMLBeans Vision in relation to V2

XMLBeans is about providing access to the full power of XML to Java users in as user friendly manner as possible. XMLBeans Version 1 provides Java/XML binding that supports near 100% of XML Schema features as well as full access to the XML Infoset via the XmlCursor API. Version 2 is more evolutionary than revolutionary, it is a continuation of the XMLBeans Version 1 work which includes expanding on the core XMLBeans Java/XML binding features as well as the underlying XML Store. Perhaps the most significant feature that has deep architectural impact is DOM Level II support over the XML Store. As with Version 1, but more so with Version 2, XMLBeans can be viewed as a model for access XML in Java in general, both a Java/XML binding strategy for accessing XML when XML Schema(s) are available, as well as an API for direct access to the XML via DOM or XmlCursor.

The following section outlines goals for XMLBeans in Version 2.

Specific V2 Objectives

Other Items To Be Researched/Considered

Items we don't expect to get to

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