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4: Tatu
    (1) Do not deliberately have a partner who could become competitors.
    (2) other people's small mistakes, small errors do not care too much about.
    (3) money to be generous, to learn the three facilities (financial facilities, the Dharma, quell)
    (4) do not have the arrogance of power and knowledge of the bias.
    (5) results and achievements should be shared with others.
    (6) must be some sacrifice or devotion, he himself in the lead.
    5: Honesty
    (1) failed to do Do not say, said the effort to do.
    (2) the empty slogans or slogans do not always linked to mouth.
    (3) for the client's "bad faith" issue, come up with improvements.
    (4) stop all "immoral" means.
    (5) juggle a small smart, bad things!
    (6) calculate the cost of the integrity of the product or service, that is, the cost of the brand.
    6: play
    (1) to review when any fault, start their own or their own people began to reflect.
    (2) the matter after the first review of fault, and then set out the credit.
    (3) admit the beginning from higher levels, the story starts from the lower
    (4) initiate a plan, first clearly defined powers and responsibilities, and proper allocation.
    (5) of the "timid" to pick the person or organization to understand that.
    (6) the courage to take responsibility for the losses caused by the company should bear.
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