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Alternative new-API proposal

Note: This proposal is now implemented as a general XSL-FO API with adapters for several XSL-FO implementations (FOP 0.20.5, FOP 1.0dev, JFOR, FOray). This is still work-in-progress and may not be fit for productive use, yet. It can be found here: http://www.jeremias-maerki.ch/dev/jafop

Author: JeremiasMaerki (jm)

public interface FOProcessorFactory {

    public FOProcessor newFOProcessor(); 
    public FOProcessorHandler newFOProcessorHandler();


public class DefaultFOProcessorFactory implements FOProcessorFactory {

    public static DefaultFOProcessorFactory newInstance(); 
    public static DefaultFOProcessorFactory newInstance(File cfgFile); 
    public static DefaultFOProcessorFactory newInstance(InputStream cfg); 

    public void setLogger(Logger);
    public Logger getLogger(); 

    public void setSourceResolver(SourceResolver);
    public SourceResolver getSourceResolver();


public class AvalonFOProcessorFactory extends AbstractLogEnabled
            implements Serviceable, Configurable, Initializable { 
    public void service(ServiceManager); 
    public void configure(Configuration); 
    public void initialize(); 

public interface FOProcessor {

    public void addEventListener(FOPEventListener); 
    public void removeEventListener(FOPEventListener); 

    public void process(Source, FOPResult); 


public interface FOPEvent extends EventObject {
//todo: figure out details, maybe further refine by sublassing

public interface FOPEventListener extends EventListener {

    public void error(FOPException); 
    public void warning(FOPException); 
    public void notification(FOPEvent); 
    public void layoutProblem(FOPEvent); 
    //...todo: figure out details


public interface FOProcessorHandler
            extends ContentHandler... { 
    public void setResult(FOPResult); 
    public FOProcessor getFOProcesor(); 


//Sample bean: For use with FOPResult.setOutputProperty()
public class DocumentMetadata {

    public void setAuthor(String); 
    public String getAuthor(); 
    public void setTitle(String); 
    public String getTitle(); 
    public void setKeywords(); 
    public String getKeywords(); 

public abstract class FOPResult {

    public void setOutputProperty(String, Object); 
    public Object getOutputProperty(String); 
    public void setOutputProperties(Properties); 
    public Properties getOutputProperties();


/** For PDF, PS, PCL, RTF, TIFF etc. */
public class StreamFOPResult implements FOPResult {

    public void setMIMEType(String); 
    public String getMIMEType(); 
    public void setOutputStream(OutputStream); 
    public OutputStream getOutputStream(); 
    public void setSystemID(File); 
    public void setSystemID(String); 
    public String getSystemID();


/** For SVG and AT */
public class SAXFOPResult implements FOPResult {

    public void setContentHandler(ContentHandler); 
    public ContentHandler getContentHandler(); 


/** For SVG and AT */
public class DOMFOPResult implements FOPResult {

    public void setNode(Node); 
    public Node getNode();


/** For embedding and AWT preview */
public class Java2DFOPResult implements FOPResult {

    public Java2DHook getJava2DHook(); 


public interface Java2DHook {

    public int getPageCount(); 
    public Rectangle getPageSize(int pagenum); 
    public void renderPage(int pagenum, Graphics2D); 


public class PrintFOPResult implements FOPResult {

    public Printable getPrintable(); 
    public Pageable getPageable();


Example usage

XSL-FO to PDF with encryption

FOProcessorFactory fopFactory = DefaultFOProcessorFactory.newInstance(new File("C:\userconfig.xml"));
fopFactory.setLogger(new ConsoleLogger());

FOProcessor fop = fopFactory.newFOProcessor();
Source src = new StreamSource(new File("C:\myfile.fo"));
FOPResult res = new StreamFOPResult("application/pdf", new File("C:\myfile.pdf"));

PDFEncryptionParams pdfcrypto = new PDFEncryptionParams("userpwd", "ownerpwd", false, false, false, true);
//org.apache.fop.pdf.PDFEncryptionParams: This class already exists today. Can be reused.
res.setOutputProperty("encryption", pdfcrypto);

DocumentMetadata metadata = new DocumentMetadata();
metadata.setTitle("my document");
res.setOutputProperty("metadata", metadata);

fop.process(src, res);

XML to Printer

FOProcessorFactory fopFactory = DefaultFOProcessorFactory.newInstance(new File("C:\userconfig.xml"));
fopFactory.setLogger(new ConsoleLogger());

TransformerFactory traxFactory = TransformerFactory.newInstance();
Transformer transformer = traxFactory.newTransformer(new StreamSource(new File("C:\cool.xsl")));

Source src = new StreamSource(new File("C:\myfile.xml"));

FOProcessorHandler handler = fopFactory.newFOProcessorHandler();
FOPResult res = new PrinterFOPResult();

transformer.transform(src, new SAXResult(handler));

PrinterJob pj = PrinterJob.getPrinterJob();

Additional comments

- StreamFOPResult could be subclasses to PDFFOPResult providing strong typing for the parameters.

public class PDFFOPResult extends StreamFOPResult {

    public void setEncryptionParams(PDFEncryptionParams params) { 
        setOutputProperty("encryption", params); 

    public PDFEncryptionParams getEncryptionsParams() { 
        return (PDFEncryptionParams)getOutputProperty("encryption"); 


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