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 * [[HowTo/ImageLoaderRawPNG]] ''Embedding raw (not decoded) PNG bytes in PDF and PS''

Welcome to the XML Graphics - FOP Wiki


This is the Apache Wiki for the Apache FOP project and is maintained by the FOP community. To edit pages, visit UserPreferences at the top-right of any page to create a user profile or to login.

Pages for FOP developers and contributors

Please proceed to the DeveloperPages.

Pages for FOP users

SVG to PDF conversion


The Understanding Series

  • Understanding IndentInheritance: Detailed discussion about start-indent, end-indent, margins and the pitfalls of property inheritance.

Requests & Most Wanted Features

  • Shortly before the release of FOP 0.94, a poll was held on [ fop-users@xmlgraphics.apache.org ] to probe for user-requests and Most Wanted Features. On MostWantedFeatures you can find the results and update the list with your own request(s) if you like.


Area Tree XML Documentation

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