This page will contain various informations about how the project progresses: thoughts, issues, design decisions, etc.


This page is split into the following sub-pages:

/Phase1Documentation: various documentations about the Knuth approach and pagination techniques

/ImplementingBeforeFloats: summary of the spec, study of the footnote handling, presentation of the placement algorithm for before-floats

/ImplementingSideFloats: formalization of the spec


August 11

August 02

July 20

July 13

July 3

June 19

June 12

June 07

Informations for the Final Evaluation

All the code that I've written during the Summer of Code has been put in one Bugzilla entry:

This wiki page contains thoughts that I wrote about before-floats and side-floats, before actually implementing them. The goal was to have feedback from the developers before starting to code.

I've implemented a first version of before-floats, which is described in section 3 of the /ImplementingBeforeFloats sub-page. Section 4 gives some ideas of improvements I have started to implement, but the patch is not finished yet (it should be available soon).

The /ImplementingSideFloats sub-page gives a summary and a formalization of this part of the Recommendation, along with some decisions regarding uncertainties. It also describes a possible algorithm to handle side-floats. It has not been implemented, because of difficulties to make it work with the total-fit algorithm as it exists in the current code. There are ongoing discussions about how to make it evolve to ease the implementation of missing features, included side-floats. Once this is done, this page should provide a good basis for implementing those latter.

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