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 * '''(done)''' Testing and bug fixing. (Current showstopper: [http://issues.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=36403 bug 36403])  * '''(done)''' Testing and bug fixing. (Current showstopper: [[http://issues.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=36403|bug 36403]])

The Release is out!


Provide a first preview release to the general public which shows the potential of the new code. It will also show that we're back in the business. The code doesn't have to be production-ready.

Version number

0.90 alpha 1

The release will bear a big disclaimer that the release is intended only as a preview release and that it's not stable and therefore should not be used in production environments. We also don't guarantee API stability just yet.

Things to finish prior to the release

  • (done) Website update (version split for the end-user documentation, updated content for the preview release, doesn't have to be as complete as for 0.20.5)

  • (done) The API should be more or less definitive. (No major changes. Only new constructors using MIME types for renderer selection while deprecating the integer based ones)

  • (done) The example FO files should more or less work, or at least not fail with an exception.

  • (done) Conditional space support, i.e. space-before.conditionality="discard" (retain also needs to work but does seem to be currently working) (in progress)

  • (done) Testing and bug fixing. (Current showstopper: bug 36403)

  • (done) The PDF and PS renderers should have a good quality and produce pretty much identical output

  • (done) Remove hyphenation patterns. Add links to OFFO for hyphenation patterns.

  • (done) We need a .htaccess file that redirects the HTML files that are now in /0.20.5/ but were a level higher before to their new location.

  • (done) Write README/release notes

  • (done) Compliance page: Remove reference to Trunk and replace by 'Latest Release'.

  • (done) Copy xdocs/trunk to xdocs/0.90 to create the release documentation when it's good enough.

  • (done) PMC vote on the release

  • (done) Tag trunk and release

  • (done) Write announcement (based on README/release notes)

  • Make noise about the release (in PROGRESS)

Other things likely to be included

  • Finish integration of FORay Font package. (most probably deferred for the next release)

Release date

23 November 2005

Release Manager


Misc. Notes

  • XML Graphics internal dependencies are Batik 1.6. FOP works fine with this release.
  • No dependencies on XML Graphics Commons for the first release. Not enough time.
  • Legal issues? No open issues!? The lib directory is fully updated with all licenses. Hyphenation files have been removed.

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