Describe TomekMaciek here.

Hi my name is Tomek and im from Poland (im student). I will try to help You guys moderate this wiki.

I will fill it later in english now polish version:) - i think next week maybe 2 weeks from now.

Polish: Czesc wiec postanowilem pomoc wam tutaj na wiki w moderacji mam nadzieje ze zauwazycie moja przydatnosc w przyszlosci. Obecnie pomagam w

moderacji rowniez na innych wiki moinmoin gdzie ceniona jest moja pomoc. Pozdrawiam osoby z polski.

Im a member of moinwiki project and i also help there at the wiki.

My website/moja strona: link removed until a real contribution to this wiki has happened - soon i will make blog there so everyone who know polish can write

comments - Now i think what sript use for blog wordpress is good but i think also about blogger so in one month it's gonna be online.

Thats for now i will try to update news/find bugs and fix them.

Contact: Email: - but please use it only when You really need to contact me.

So please tell me where i spam Your wiki? A only want to help You despam not to spam!

We don't understand the purpose of this Wiki page. This Wiki is meant for discussing ideas relating to Apache FOP project. What is your relationship to the FOP project? You are welcome to contribute to FOP and we welcome new contributors to the FOP project, but we do not understand the purpose of this page. If you want to introduce yourself to the FOP team please post an e-mail on the mailing list

OK if You don't understand the purpose of this Wiki page please delete it! I don't want to waste Your time.