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= Maven artifacts for XMLGraphics projects = = Maven artifacts for XML Graphics projects =

Maven artifacts for XML Graphics projects


  • Apache Account
  • Maven 2 installed on a local machine


Edit your .m2/settings.xml to contain:


Versions in Maven should match the released version. For difference in target jdk, -jdk13 (or equivalent) should be added to the version string. Please note that the pom template may need to be edited, as there may be different requirements (e.g. on XML libraries when using jdk 1.3).

XML Graphics Commons

make sure you use the official binary distribution! I used -bin-jdk1.4

unpack it, grab jar from build/ and copy it to temp directory

copy xmlgraphics-commons-pom-template.pom (from svn) to temp directory

edit xmlgraphics-commons-pom-template.pom, make sure it contains the right version numbers! (replace @version@ with the right information)

Deploy artifact:

TDB: Discuss if we also need to deploy the -jdk1.3 artifacts.


same as XML Graphics Commons.

Snapshot releases


Further Information

Log into people.apache.org and check the www/people.apache.org/repo/m2-ibiblio-rsync-repository/org/apache/xmlgraphics/ directories for errors. Delete errors ASAP, as this directory is synced with the main repository!

see also:

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