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General Comments

All of XML Graphics is now on Subversion.

Current PMC watch items:

  • MPL/NPL issues (Mozilla's Rhino in Batik)
  • Better documentation of the sources and licenses of external dependencies in Batik. Everything is in order but not very well documented. W3C-licensed code in Batik is about to be moved into XML Commons Externals just like the other W3C-licensed packages (DOM-related) used by Xerces/Xalan. XML Commons is now also migrated to SVN and the move will happen very soon. WIP.
  • Creation of a XML Graphics Commons (shared code between Batik and FOP) is imminent.


No releases. Mostly bugfixing against Batik 1.6 and some tweaking. The SVG 1.2 branch became the new trunk. Fixes for JDK 1.5 compatibility. DOM Level 3 support in the trunk.


No releases.

We are finally planning a first preview release of the redesigned FOP (not feature-complete) which should be available within about one or two months. Progress is good, the community has started to review the new code and we've managed to attract a few new contributors. We're on the right track now.

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